HACKERS CAN NOW SHOOT THROUGH WALLS! (Catching Hackers in PUBG Replays) W/RGA Gaming!
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  1. I run into people who hack all the time! It's so annoying u.u expose these people 😀

  2. I am pissed on myself for not recording a random guy in my team was a hacker he shoots at the sky and gives you headshots his name ia Nykon something.

  3. How the hell do you not see their heads in the windows? Get some glasses bro or retire! The reason people lean in the open is to get a lower angle when your shooting from the top of a hill down into a house. If you want real hacker footage go watch Shroud or one of his buddies

  4. First guy didn’t even hack, people just don’t understand kill and technique, did you people not know headshots through windows are possible??

  5. It happens to me, guys shooting when i m inside the house with no window…..ahhhhhh

  6. I died bcuz this noob hacker killed me by shooting through trees

  7. Whats the best thing ever about PUBG, is you can literally just google little hacks like ESP, and with a little finagling in the files can activate it with literally no effort what so ever. The Battle eye system for PUBG is mucked.

  8. The replay from your first game may be related to lag as there is no servers in the southern Hemisphere so there is people playing with 200+ ping

  9. The summer-ire clip look at the body in the background it was weird it just appeared

  10. I love how having good aim and leaning is soo incredible to RGA. Don't get me wrong these do look fishy but not everyone that kills you with a headshot and leans is a hacker.

  11. with how many hackers there are, are there any matches that dont end up with a hacker winning?
    hell even if someone wins by pure skill now, you will automaticly asume it was a hacker. thats how bad the problem has become.

  12. Feeling sorry for those of us who are legitimate players. We have to struggle through this process thinking we're in fair grounds.

  13. The death cam has a delay on it so alot of times it looks like the person is shooting behind you or at least that's what most of my death cams look like

  14. The issue I have with watching a lot of these "Identifying Hackers" videos is that the people doing them arent very good at identifying hackers. I'd like to preface this by saying hackers ARE everywhere in PUBG. That being said, some of these guys are not hacking beyond any reasonable doubt. How do I identify hackers? Snap targeting, pre aiming/firing walls without a visual or sound Q, Aim locking, Lack of recoil, Absence of footsteps, Speed hacking and various other ways. In the clip where RGA is in the warehouse… This wasn't a confirmed hacker. The replay system is NOT a reliable source… You are not looking at WHERE their crosshair is in relation to you… It will ALWAYS be off. Youre looking at the behavior of the player and the movement of the crosshair. If the movement is fluid it likely isnt being interfered with by a program. YES, the guy's crosshair wasnt on you, but this ISNT what he is seeing. WHY did he throw the nade towards you? Two reasons. You were within range to send a sound Q. He just downed a teammate and it was the ONLY likely place you would push from based on the warehouse. This isnt even a skilled player… This is an intermediate player who is engaged in a team fight. Even the way hes watching corners when you push the warehouse would indicate he is legitimate… He NEVER over commits to any corner. Hes always prepared for you to peek at either side. As bad as the hacking issue is… Im really glad that banning people takes a lot of people. The inexperience of some players would lead to a lot of innocent bans.

  15. The guy that shot thru the mountainns is even more crazy cause there is bullet drop so when it went in the mountain it sudenly went all the way hup and those other guys

  16. I cannot for the life of me accurately picture what you disembodied voices on the internet look like in real life

  17. The aecond replay where u were killed, the last bullet he wasnt aimimg at you, but when he missed and hit the wall of whatever it is, that could have been a richochet kill.

  18. In your first replay your murderers last bullet was shot between the boxes but the bullet shot out of the boxes to the left

  19. i think some kills are delayed. like i have hit people point blank with a shotgun and it took about half a sec for them to register they died.

  20. Hahahaha I was waiting for rga or Nick with owner catching hackers ! Hahaha

  21. they were even scoping in through the walls…if you watch it at 4:44 on…leans and scopes and follows THROUGH the wall…

  22. rga spectating is broken mate bruh the game still on beta 1.0 is a lie so deal with it i have 700+ hours on this game you need to think quick like shroud mate shroud is the pubg god mvp pro! SHROUD IS GOD LIKE MATE lele max kill i even got this season is 10 lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooo

  23. Y is this recommended for me😂 I find this stuff boring. No offense I'm sure your a nice guy and some ppl like this stuff

  24. Rga I submitted 3 replays under the name of tankproof2 and not one made it in the the vid

  25. I looked it up on the wiki, the M24 does normally hold 5 bullets, but can hold 7 with an extended mag, unless that's changed recently

  26. For your first one watch the tracing at 3:05 to door 4:35 t o door and 4:43 to 4:46. he knew exactly where they were for the head shots as well. for your second one I actually watched your live stream and it looked the same on screen as in the replay and also dunno why but it didn't register how much more John jumped (about 4 or so more times) and you ran almost fully around those boxes. 3rd lol I figured to mention it was a team match so a look into them might be needed for how open this guy was with his hacks. Finally for our fourth, check his esp or tracing when he is looking at hills and the rocks. Especially at that last bit. The entire time he was tracking the guy as he ran around the side of him. Watch the tree and the finishing rock his gun was sticking through them aimed at his head.

  27. In the second clip, the hacker shoots John but the shots are way off. He wasn't aiming and shot to the left yet John still died.

  28. hackers need to be punched in the face in real life and have their pc/console turned into a pile of scrap

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