*NEW* White Armor ONLY and P2020 Gamemode on Apex Legends!

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  1. It take 2 to 3 head bullets shot to know down level 4 bodyshield with flatline. That bloodhound is cheating or bugs but enemy also shot u from top.

  2. The answer to that lifelines question at the beginning is because high tier players have been abusing a bot lobby glitch to try to get 20k and 4k badges.

  3. I need that sound byte of her saying “That’s the funniest thing that I have ever seen in my entire life”

  4. I like this event in general. The current white shield I feel is good for lower tier and new players cause it teaches them to keep on their toes more, and levels the playing field…..(a bit)

    Where the Evo is more beneficial for top tier but will still help and drive people to be more aggresive in general.

    So good all around.

  5. The ending gives me super ptsd a reason i don’t use the wingman, the lag and no reg is ridiculous

  6. I thought I'd really like this mode but NOPE, White Armour sucks and It seams like my shots dont do as much damage as when I get shot

  7. Do you mind putting the controller thingy under ur face cam so we could know what you’re pressing thus learning what to do during gunfights

  8. WEIRD SPOT….. 2:17 while he was healing the triangle icon to cancel heal changed to a mouse icon….

  9. Hey I have a question um where does everyone land most on the map like a popular spot a lot of people land cuz I’m trying to get a lot of kills

  10. The game is perfect i just don't like the devo in it lol its crazy the pk is whatever it's easy for someone if you move good so thats cool and the while mid game being slow that always happens half of the time on trios or duos honestly you should know that lobe the vid though as always your insane and i hate you

  11. Rac_inw moments. Guys if you could please go check him out that would mean the world to me because he’s been having a hard time in general and I just want to make him happy so please.

  12. Chicks sounds like a total bitch proudly saying she won’t pick up a downed teammate!

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