New Wraith NERF and Pathfinder Grapple BUFF! (Apex Cross-play Update)

Apex Legends New Crossplay update and wraith nerf!


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  1. Zeus : Says for fun that the next thing they gotta do is add a gun to Crypto's drone
    Season 7 rampart glitch : Hi

  2. Season 1 Octane Skin : No
    Season 2 Octane Skin : No
    Season 3 Octane Skin : No
    Season 4 Octane Skin : No
    Season 5 Octane Skin : No
    Season 6 Octane Skin : No
    Season 7 Octane Skin : N I N J A

  3. i knew a bluff to ramprts ultimate was inevitable… id melt people so quick with it like as soon as they turn a corner they go down

  4. Oh yay so they made pathfinder so that if I fuck up my grapple it’s reduced but other than that made no change because who tf uses the grapple to go 2 feet

  5. WAS gonna hop back on to ya know play with my fav char (wraith) and her cool naruto run and get back into the game

    i then saw this

  6. still people complain that they could not hit her when for me it was the easiest character to hit for me, it is more difficult to hit the pathfinder and not wraith

  7. I like the new hitbox but still…
    She sucks now.
    I don't main her anymore cuz of all the nerfs.
    U fixed her hitbox so just make all the orther nerfs normal again

  8. I saw wraith running for the first time today and I was like wtf am I tripping lol

  9. Dude they just keep screwing the wraith user community. She’s the most picked because she’s just dope. But continuing to mess with her port time, ultimate, and hit box is just lame. Low profile has ruined the players that have that title

  10. Who cares just nerf us you bots will still get laser to death !! you will never win a 1v1 against good players because your aim sucks.. but hey ! at least wraith don’t have the coolest running animation anymore right ? Like what difference does it makes YOU WILL ALWAYS SUCK

  11. “Balance balance balance”… Bruh I never had an issue capping a wraith I don’t even use her, I main lifeline.

    I swear like we’re the reason games literally become boring cess pools, Like where’s the fun anymore, Just Constant bitching from everyone about every tiny thing because they can’t aim for dog shit, And they need a damn running animation to change in order to be like “yea now it’s my time”

  12. tbh I’ve been playing this game since it came out and IMO wraith was never op she is just a very aggressive legend and as such she fits nicely in a lot of people playstyle, she has good utility and she always has an escape route. That’s what makes her good not the hit box that’s just people who can’t aim complaining. I just think they should nerf her in a different way if necessary (i don’t think so) or think of a rework. Also the delayed q is so lame and unfunny they could have thought of a better solution.

  13. I never thought i'd see people getting pissed off over a stupid run animation getting changed. Eh, this is the gaming community, I should've expected as much.

  14. Constructive criticism for your vid: it sounds like you’re talking to us from across the room. I’m not an expert at recording audio or anything but maybe if you’re closer to the mic it could help?

  15. fuck wraith and fuck wraith players that think they're good at this game. I have 200+ wins and nearly 4k kills with Mirage and I hunt down any wraith I see, I hope hunting wraith grinding kids becomes a trend in this game. Fucking cheated character, everytime someone pick mirage when I'm not looking and I end up with wraith I pop one of my best game out of nowhere, barely using any of her perks as I am simply going in and out without giving a simple fuck at who's shooting at me or not as bullets don't even touch me at this point… ridiculous

  16. they should make rampart ult be able to move(or rotating) on a 360s degree radius
    and not just 180 degrees. She can only move it within a certain diameter(small) so she can readjust the angle of the torrent .

  17. Finally Wraith started dropping her weeb shit. Hopefully soon she will not look like a bootleg Speed'o'Sound Sonic and i will be happy forever.

  18. they could have just made her taller and they could keep the naruto run and zeus if you watch naruto you know its fun has hell and cool as hell

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