NEW XP TRICKS for EASY LEVEL 300! Fortnite XP Coins and Tips (Hidden Challenges in Battle Royale)

New XP tricks for easy level 300 featuring Fortnite XP coins and tips such as the hidden challenges in Battle Royale. We discuss the Ted Offensive challenges and for the gnome challenges. We also cover new gold coins, purple coins, and of course blue coins! This will help you farm xp and get gold agent peely, gold skye, and other skins from the season 2 battle pass. As for the gameplay it’s some zone wars and box pvp so enjoy!

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  1. Leave a LIKE on the vid if you found this helpful! What level are you at right now?

  2. The place where the bears were are now destroyed by the gnomes. Go back and check for your self

  3. I did all of my challenges and i'm still on level 200. I know playing games gets me xp but it's not enough. idk wut to do

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