Ninja Buys Full Apex Legends Battle Pass and uses NEW Legend OCTANE

Ninja buys the new Season 1 battle pass in Apex legends and also gets the new Octane Legend. The new best legend is octane and he is just insane. Ninja winning and being the kill leader with this new legend Octane. And also everything about the battle pass and all skins and gifts and surprises on the battle pass showed by ninja streamer.

Credit to Ninja:

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  1. I’m just happy he didn’t make apex because his toxic community would’ve started playing too

  2. I know streamers lowkey like apex more than fortnite but fortnite pays people to play their shitty game. That's why u see all the big streamers still playing it.

  3. I can literally kill him like without any problem in season 1 lol and now its sooo hard to even play in daimond rank.

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