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Dear players,
We are currently encountering several waves of DDoS attacks against our systems that are causing players to disconnect. Our team immediately started taking action and is working closely with local Internet service providers to resolve the issue. We aim to bring back the normal gaming experience to our players as soon as possible.
With this announcement, we would also like to inform you that a new…


  1. Bro na endha hack um panala ana yen main account ahh 10 years ban panitanga + bronze 5 kum kami panithanga can you put a vedio to get back our banned acc any chance

  2. Naan Solo Conqueror Push Panren.. Diamond 1 la iruken… more than 15 Matches Server Hack aaacccchhhhuuu😢

  3. Bro i am also hacker read this bro:::
    Bro telegram la poi search pani parunga..evalo hacks and evalo daily hack giveaway irukunu…. na Mattu kitta thitta oru 60 pubgm hack grounp la iruken bro….it's famous now… because before this it was paid hack…but when the hackers don't leak that….(when it was cracked…it is now used by all)..i am having the app for sever freeze but i am not using because i have mentioned it on no.3
    1. You are not correct bro…(no new hack : old hack only…but now only it's popular….by this we can hack not only pubgm we can hack anything like Google,etc…but it's illegal….and we will go to jail)
    2.server hack- leads to 10 year's jail…. because it is illegal…. because it is ddos attack…for 30 mins fun …if our ip is visible..will be in jail for 10 year's ….so i don't recommend that…
    3.they have tips and tricks to get away from server hacks…..
    Important news: pubgm giving big anticheat update …so who are using patched files.., replacing,uninstalling,installing,cause ban…so please don't use free hacks use only paid ….hacks….

  4. Daily 5 vatti maatuven bruh nanu☹️ na ace 11 star la rombo kasta paduren bruh.. server freeze hack naalaee neraiya minus

  5. Bro en pubg mobile account sale ku iruku yaruku achum venumna 9486626986 ku call pannunga

  6. Naanum hacker than bro season 11 la irunthu play pannuran enna ban pannala season 15 K/D 21😜 .ahna naan epdi oru hack ah pathathe illa☹

  7. Every match matere bro 🥺.. solo le.. idhe fix pannapo oru video podunge bro aproma rank push start panre🙁

  8. No use anti cheat innakim 2 times freez ahitan PUBG developers noob

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