NO RECOIL | PUBG Mobile Sensitivity Settings

No recoil sensitivity settings to get Conqueror on PUBG Mobile. These are the sensitivity settings that Clazie plays with every day to get triple Conqueror and #1 in South America leaderboards for Season Rank, Survival Rank, and Squad Rank. If you are looking to improve your ADS recoil then watch this video!

The tips and tricks in this PUBG Mobile video will help you understand how different settings work. I will be covering all types of settings such as basic, graphics, controls,…


  1. That last part bro I lol.. Its just amazing I want to play like you really and I have big problem controlling recoil I need advice


  3. Bro your 6X gyro sensitivity you didn't show bro? I want to know plz reply me if saw this comment…..big fan frm India MEGHALAYA

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