No Water in GTA 5…. You Won't Believe What I Found!

No Water in GTA 5!
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  1. The ww2 German tank is likely a little kickback to a not so known ww2 fact that Germans were very close to making landings in the US in one case German soldiers were caught in Florida with plans to sabotage power stations and railways

  2. theres a T-34 in the scrap yard and a panzer 4 in the water… hmm
    edit theres also a U-boat being the Sub something with world war 2 and rockstar is weird

  3. Yes you are right the guy from Pirates of the Caribbean does have a hammerhead shark head

  4. Fun fact you can’t breathe while smiling

    😅this is a joke I just wanted you to smile 😁

  5. It seems really fun to, with the no water mod, see what happens if the player skydives down the dropoff.

  6. Another sucking cargo planeover there by Trevor's a1 you do that one mission one you rub the car real quick and then that one other cargo plane crashes into Trevor crashes into Trevor's awake over there

  7. the giant dinners plate is an art easter egg UFO from an art from one of trevors missions when he burn down a building .check it out

  8. The crop planes not from the mission because when he got In the plane the wings fell if

  9. Thats not the airplane trevor flew. Its a similar type or the same type but as you can see it is not near the flight path of the cargo plane it fell from and its wings are still in tact.

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