NOOB vs PRO vs TRYHARD – NEW Funny & Epic Moments | Apex Legends Montage #104

Apex Legends Funny Moments Montage: NOOB vs PRO vs TRYHARD – NEW Apex Legends Funny & Epic Moments #104
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  1. Please explain why the noobs are better than me and I’m better than the tryhards?

  2. The third clip is nowhere near pro, it’s average at best hahaha what’s are ur standards?

  3. If I had to be honest that noob octane I might have done. Depends how I feel but I have never been killed by the leviathan

  4. You sound like Ali-A but instead of doing cocaine you smoke half a joint before recording

  5. How is it possible that some player could have get more than 15000 kills in this game.

  6. the octane wasn't a noob look at his banner. plus he did it on purpose. I know because that player was me

  7. YA MY CLIP WAS IN HERE I WAS THE WATSON when I was doing and the squads keep doing

  8. I had the CHEEKIEST third party win solo recently, rushed the last two squads and as I got there only one was left. One shot, headshot with the wingman is all it took hahaha. Easiest win ever. My random teammates even stuck around to spectate and got a win lol. I wish I had my recording on.

  9. 2:36 like no offence at all but i got 16 kills out of skull town and i usually get 10 to 15 kills in skull town so yea

  10. Never understood tryhard as an insult. Uhh, you're trying so hard to win. Kind of the point of the game. Like kids insulting eachother for getting good grades.

  11. 6:46 "mastering out Gibraltar's shield" when the guys playing on public match.. (full of noobs) AND THE GUYS LITERALLY NOT EVEN SHOOTING AT HIM WHEN THERE BOTH NOT IN THE SHIELD how is that mastering Gibraltar's shield lol?? He's fighting trash..

  12. Hey dude i love your vids, also i sent one to you the beginning is nothing much but at the end i got 4 kills and won the game

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