NRG DIZZY First Ever Apex Legends Game as Wraith | Even uses Mozambique the whole game

NRG Dizzy’s first ever Apex Legends game! The best and most insane player of apex legends first game. Dizzy is the first to reach 10,000 kills as a wraith and is considered as the best Apex legends player. He is a 3 times Champion in tournaments made by Apex legends. Breaking the most kills in a game and also playing with ninja in tournament and winning lots of thousand of dollars. Watch his first ever game in Apex and see how much improvement he had made now. Everyone starts as a noob,…


  1. Bro he 1 Minute in. Slide jump right after landing. I figured it out when I was like lv 80 or so. And looting better than me even though I'm lv 170 or so.

  2. Dude's so good he figured everything out in one game without anyone telling him shit… Legend.

  3. I freaking hate how
    1. He kept a Mozambique over a pk and a wingman.
    2. All of the stupid fortnite references.

  4. “I have a shotgun pistol this shit is cracked” little does he know

  5. First game ever and takes 0 time to look at any of the loot I always take my time at first lol

  6. It hurt me watching this cause I remember when I healed like that and that I held stuff I didn't need I miss those days of apex and wish I could have gotten more rare skins and stuff😢😢😢

  7. I lost it when Dizzy said “ OH! I have a shotgun pistol this things cracked “ lmfao

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