Olympus Easter Eggs Apex Legends (Titanfall, Arrow & Nessie Locations)

Olympus Easter Eggs Apex Legends Season 7 (Titanfall, Arrow & Nessie Locations)
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  1. the guys in the picture with our always drunk Barker is from Militia not IMC. IMC are evil.

  2. I wonder if pathfinders town takeover will be where that arrow is pointing, also it said he would have a billboard which this area does

  3. I think there is one lab in rift named "Nimbus", which is the Flying cloud of Goku in anime Dragon Ball Z. I don't know if it is Viable for easter egg.
    cheers mate

  4. Hi! I'm french, but I don't watch french Apex videos anymore, cause I'm sick and tired of youtubers talking for twelve minutes just to have more ads, while you say the same amount of infos in three minutes…
    Anyway, love your content!

  5. You forgot the titan batteries in turbulent. They are highlighted red though like if they are powered off.

  6. Do you think this is an Easter egg? If you go to the front of the ship AKA “Carrier”. There is a activation or deactivation button right in front of a big screen. Do you think that is any teaser?

  7. Water did yuh know about the mrvns on the map what are they for

  8. This might sound dumb but you know how every map gets destroyed? Well I’m kinda hoping it loses power and falls

  9. I found a Nessie that isn't mentioned here, it was in one of the small buildings that are (I dunno what to call them :/ ) underneath an area that goes under the warp tunnels.

  10. It would be super cool if they put in easter eggs that could be activated like Battlefield, or easter egg related hidden rooms that reward special skins like COD has done.

  11. Maybe the maintenance area is where the Pathfinder takeover will take place and that is where we will get the Pathfinder stadium

  12. Another Easter egg the map looks like the venelium valkom thing from Star Wars

  13. Apologies but can anyone help me find the arrow he is talking about? Thank you ❤️

  14. Oh… they do titanfall references
    Maybe they should work on fucking titanfall again these pieces of shit

  15. Yo Water, theres also a nessie in the firing range, its at the big skull above the mid of the firing range you should use a pathfinder to get there

  16. i noticed something up in the map and also that ship might be a tribute or something similar for viper, everything reminds me of that mission.

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