Over 16,000 CHEATERS On Apex Legends + How To Report Hackers

Over 16,000 CHEATERS On Apex Legends + How To Report Hackers

Respawn Entertainment have just banned over 16,000 cheaters from Apex Legends. This is both good and bad news. It’s awesome that Respawn are on top of hackers ruining the game. But it’s also frustrating to learn that so many people would rather cheat and use aim bots etc, than just play the game for fun or try to get better naturally. I’ll also show you how to report cheaters and hackers, and clean up Apex Legends.



  1. Have you come across any cheaters? What platform do you play on?

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  2. I didn’t come here to report a hacker, I came here to report someone that refused to Rez me when we were completely safe

  3. I posted a video of a cheater on my other channel called "Common knowledge". A picture of a dude in black clothes with two guns.

  4. Check out some pro apex legend Gamers like Sour Kobi ! how does he know exactly where and when each enemy is ! you can even hear him tell his team mates there are enemies at locations he cannot see ! 32k kills and still not banned ffs 😩 Games Ruined

  5. Here we are 1 year later and there still isn't a report feature on console

  6. Unfortunately this is out of control, and EA doesen't make it easy for honest players. In the report section, it doesen't apear the moust commun hack, wallhack. Why? I have a few hackers on cam, their is nothing i can do with it, name and shame, can get me to a bann. EA just sucks has always, thats why i dont give no more money to them, and im not the only one, they feel that in their stocks, gowing down.

  7. They should add report on PS4… Not because of cheaters but because of griefers. Now I’m playing with some camping shit. He is not moving he’s just camping and doesnt helping us. Useless shit that want’s to get to Diamond by camping

  8. I’m here because some guy started talking crap about me… I literally wanted to cry but he didn’t deserve a damn tear

  9. i want to report my teammate. how do i do that. the guy literally ran into the storm to what i thought was pick up my banner but instead he made sure not to and loot the enemy box that was literally on top of mine i dont know what that is consider but its not cool and if he does it to other people he deserves to be banned

  10. You can def cheat on console I watched a dude after he killed me and he was track people through walls

  11. I think I could kind of explain hackers and cheaters so I think there are either bad or they just want to like ruin other people's fun because because if they're hackers and they're trying to ruin other people's funds to make sure they are always winning like on the 1st of top

  12. I stop CSGO after 18K hours play , now i gone stop apex …..

  13. When in play apex i play with honor hackers are cowerds and are afraid of losing rather lose every game like a fair player then win one game as a cheater (i have been champion 5 times with luck)

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