Panda Gamepad Pro Beta App – Activation, Setup & Config PUBG Android

If you want to play PUBG, Mobile Legends on Android with a gamepad then you’ll need to install and activate Panda Gamepad Pro. This app allows you to map your gamepad buttons to the on-screen touch buttons with a simple-to-use overlay.

This video walks you through the step-by-step instructions on how to activate and then setup and configure the app. You’ll be playing in no time at all 😀🎮

Here’s the controller I was using in the video (Glap Controller) on…


  1. Step-by-step instructions:
    1) Install the Panda Gameplay Pro Beta app from the Play Store
    2) Download the PC Activator Tool from the Android Addicts site (scroll down and find Step 2)
    3) Enable USB Debugging on your phone
    4) Extract the files from the .RAR file and then run the Activate.bat file
    5) Start your game via the Panda Gamepad Pro app

  2. Hi having difficulty with mapping Fortnite as the buttons change when I go into build mode, is there a certain way to setup panda for Fortnite Mobile 😭😭

  3. Hello, a help: my gamepad KNUP 4030 (with Panda PRO) in Call of Duty, or LT shoots, but it is stuck, and I have to press a new window again to unhook it; how to change it; just touch and don't press again? Panda on Panda or COD? Thank you very much

  4. How to assign the sprint run option in pubg with the joystick cause the original option required hold and slide …

  5. Pleeeeeeeaaaaase help me in the same common proplem, after unplug usp cable it's not activated again , what should i do !?!

  6. when i start a match the controller does not work please help.
    I did do the configuration and everything that is essential.
    But it does not work.Please help me.

  7. I followed the steps but still didn't work for me please help.

    When im trying to run the activate.bat it says no device found.

  8. I'm on mac. I've downloaded activator and plugged my phone into my mac but it just says

    "Phone not found
    1. Make sure your phones USB Debugging is on

    2. Reconnect your phone to pc via USB cable;

    3 Click retry"

    Please could someone help me I would really appreciate it.

  9. Does the band happen on a device because of a third party in this matter?

  10. Hi, with Panda, I can launch the ipega 9120 handle for Pabji on an Android phone. Is there any problem ?!

  11. Everything works until I try to use the gamepad. I can activate panda app and do key mapping, but when I am trying to use it in training mode (PUBG) it just doesn't work, only right analog but with slow sensitivity and Y-axis inverted, even changing both things in the Panda icon during mapping it just remains the same. During mapping, panda recognizes all controller's buttons when I press them. I am using a Xiaomi MI 8 pro and a Gamesir G4s. Please help!! Thank you in advance!!

  12. So, i did everything you did. I was able activate it, but when i enter the game, there is no response from de panda mapping. The pop-up is there and everything. I can customize the keymap, but there is no response with COD and other games. Do you know how can fix it? (I have an Ípega 9099 and xiaomi redmi note 4)

  13. I downloaded the Gamepadpro app, but it's not letting me open the app. Soo irritating

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