Partnered Twitch streamer Dharyxd likely cheating/aimbotting on Apex Legends



  1. IT IS SAD TO FUKIN SAD but is the new way to make money as a LYER STREAMERS . also Dr Disrespect was caught wallhacking on PUBG , but the companies does not give a fuk , for ONLY ONE REASON , THEY ARE BRINGING money to their games and twtich plataform as a youtube . so we are in the new ERA of LYERS STREMAERS working to and for the companies and the only gulety is people , most of them stupids teenagers the new school of players who are not deserve to call GAMERS the real GAMERS ARE LOYAL REAL HONEST PLAYERS.

  2. Saddest part is it will never stop . Anything people can do get the advantage . Whether hacks or macros . Its really sad to see this is how games have evolved. As a gamer myself for 20 years I have never once had a thought of cheating .

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