People that say Revenant is BAD Have not seen this..

How to use Apex Legends Revenant

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  1. Yes this is what ive been saying most people say a legends or a gun is bad cuz they dont know how to use it or the legend

  2. I really like revenant.Not because he's toxic or edgy but because he's actually really good if you know how to use him.

  3. This isn’t proof of Revenant being good, it’s proof of a really toxic streamer having inhuman aim and pretty much never facing any resistance in his fights

    Edit: I am now realizing after reading the other comments that the entire rest of the comment section has already made this point… good to know we’re all in agreement

  4. How do youtubers always get players who miss all their shots and hide when I'm only level 76 and everybody has insane aim and sprays until they win

  5. I played a little bit of season 1 but I wasn't able to play with my friends since they have Xboxes but revenant is what pulled me back into apex. He is my favorite character and I have 200 something kills on him, not that impressive but I am not the best at the game so I only push if I have his ult. He suits my playstyle too. I get most of my kills but sneaking up on people, honestly, I just love his character and his abilitys.

  6. Anyone watching now in season 5 thinking revenant is too op

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