Perfect Sensitivity Settings How and Why Pubg Mobile

Perfect Sensitivity Settings How and Why Pubg Mobile

yesterday i screwed this up and had to redo it, which is good because it allowed me to properly test out something i hadn’t really sorted yesterday. The relationship between DMR’s and the camera sensitivity.

The results are important and the theory behind specialising is pretty important too i hope you guys like this more the second time round 🙂


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  1. But I use gyroscope for recoil control so very hard to snipe with small scope like 3x or 4x or 2x because I play at very high gyro settings what should I do..?

  2. Your aware this video is not good anymore due to you use ipad and people on ipads have way less recoil. I Challenge you to try to go on a 2 or 3 gb ram android phone and see if you still get your kills you normally do.

  3. Ads sensitivity doesn't matter for Gyro players, I have only adjusted ads for 4 and 8 all others are default
    3x gyro 295
    2x gyro 300

  4. so the higher the camera sensitivity on a 4x the better it becomes for sniping? why would it make such a difference if its just the sensitivity when moving the scope around? does reducing the ads sensitivity also make it better for sniping?

  5. Never mind my comment on your latest video I found it here thanks 😊

  6. Does ADS sensitivity work together with gyroscope? Im using gyroscope because im a thumb-player on a huawei p20. Or are they 2 seperate things? Like if i use gyroscope i only need to adjust gyro sensitivity when im aiming right?

  7. Bushka, I've been trying to figure out the ADS and camera sensitivity I think I have it figured out. Let me know if I'm right or wrong. On both camera and ADS sensitivity lower percentage equals less screen movement compared to finger movement, higher percentage equals more camera movement compared to finger movement. The difference between the two, is camera sensitivity is just when you're scrolling around or spotting, but as soon as you pull the trigger then it switches over to ADS sensitivity correct?

  8. Thank you sir, I've been scouring down YouTube to find someone who explains what camera sensitivity is versus what ADS sensitivity is

  9. Honestly never touched my settings because I didn’t even understand how they work. I will definitely look into them now. How exactly does a mad woman’s poop move around though? What does that mean?

  10. Im a new follower of your.. i like your videos. There is so much to learn.. thank you for your videos.. hope to see more from you.. tc

  11. 7:17 " …the 3x will move around like a madwomans poop"

    Me: bwahahaha😂😂😂😂

    DUDE what kind of a referance is that?.

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