Play Overwatch, Apex Legends and more on your Android or Mac – Nvidia GeForce NOW

Nvidia just launched GeForce NOW, which is software that lets you play the games you own, on many more platoforms. You can now play Apex Legends or Overwatch on your MacBook Pro for example. Even a low powered Android phone or tablet can play high end games!

Get yourself an Nvidia account and log in to your Battlenet, Steam or EA account and access your games, streamed to your device from Nvidia servers.


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  1. I'm using keyboard and mouse. Keyboard is working perfectly but my mouse have a double cursor on screen. What to do? Please help me ")

  2. Hi dear, this is Rebecca from Vankyo, i would love to invite you to test Vankyo tablet on your channel, are you interested? if so, pls let me know how to contact you, thank you in advance.

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