PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds – This is What Cheating Looks Like on PC

Cheating is a huge problem on PUBG on PC. This is what it looks like

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  1. Chinese and arabians countries who dont have much life they hack alot….both mobile and when you make any game keep away these people lock them together.

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  3. wow but your kill was a meter away yet hit , uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmcat start aim bot by yourself

  4. Pubg is so broken and full of cheaters on every platform xbox pc mobile. I am upset I gave them my money amd bought things. I would have never spent a penny if I knew it was rampant with cheaters and they have no plans on doing anything about it. Its robbery

  5. Games today have become a cheaters paradise. I think I am going to give up gaming and stick to books.

  6. Yeah the hackers are killing this game but there's no point in blaming them as they're going to exist whether you like it or not. Most of them are cheating for a reason and its crate farming. The blame ultimately lies with the inexperienced developers who didn't implement decent anti-cheat software. They need to sort it out else a Western developer will simply pick up the genre and take the business from them

  7. I thought the whole idea of PUBG was that you cannot cheat because it is server based, or am i missing something ?

  8. Seems like theres always at least one these days , blue hole are never going to be able to keep up with the hacks unless they have real time server admins

  9. NOW YOU FEEL IT!!!! YOU F… FEEEEEELLL ITTTT… XD Lot of cheaters and this is the Kind of Crappy Cheater. There are a lot of "PRO-Cheaters" in this game, hiding very good their f…hacks that just makes me want to become one too!!! xD

  10. AHAHA funny to see a IGN network showing cheats….
    maybe you as a company should MAKE a game instead of PIGGY backing off of games making money.. Useless…

  11. Btw people saying chinese people are hacking but how can u know its a chinese guy prove it pls…

  12. I think its rather a bug than a cheat, the player was aiming at the house you were staying though, and not every shot hit your directly so it cannot be an aiming bot. dont forget the frying pan that can stop bullets was also a convenient bug, pubg admitted that themselves.

  13. They need to make it where you can't sell clothing or crates. Yes trade in the game but not SELL. That is why people hack they are getting free currency on Steam or selling them online for money.

  14. If you make a platform to make real money from, or a P2W format; you'll encourage cheating.

  15. Looks like an opk or one place kill, ran into a lot of cheaters like this when combat arms was a thing.

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