Playing GTA 5 on a 1950s TV

Playing GTA 5 on a 1950s TV. How to hook up HDMI on a Black & White TV. Playing Xbox on a 65 year old TV.

Playing Red Dead Redemption 2 on a 1950s TV:



  1. Should I play EVERY GTA on this really old TV? Or EVERY Rockstar Game?!

  2. Looks good but you may want to tweak the vertical alignment a bit cause it seems a bit off

  3. I never thought that itโ€™s somehow possible to play modern video games on an old black and white TV with adapters. Some colorblind gamers play their games in black and white depending on their type of colorblindness.

  4. Imagine how people back then woukd rect to seeing this or other games like Fallout, LA Noir, etc.

  5. Maybe using a PS3 or Xbox 360 would be better for the 4:3 aspect ratio

  6. I think its like a 1970's tv because I saw my mum in a photo when she was a kid back in the 70's and she was standing next to a tv that looked pretty similar.

  7. *70 years later

    Zac: hello guys this is 90 year old zac here and today we will be playing gta 63 on my HD plasma solar tv array from the brand nasa, and I also got some uggghhhh uhhhh UGhh *dies

  8. I perfer Old Tvs than High priced Smart tvs
    When my TCL tv dies off gonna try find 90s tv set or 2000 tv set i do have a HDMI to AV converter
    My current tv has a White dot on top left corner. And White Strips i only had it 2 years it was cheap $119 plus tax

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