Playing the Absolute MOST USELESS Character in Apex Legends

wow will they ever buff him


  1. I think a good buff to Mirage would be to turn his holograms into something like Alibi’s holograms from Rainbow Six Siege. If someone shoots at it, they get pinged for like 4 seconds, or you can see them through the map for 4 seconds. Something like that.

  2. Mirage can be the worst but he isn’t useless you just need a brain when you use mirage like when to use a decoy basically if you use mirage you just need to be a good player

  3. Bruh I honestly think Mirage is already really good but his buff should be at least 2 or even 3 holograms of him and his ultimate should make him silent so you can't hear him running towards you or away

  4. Mirage isn’t useless my friend has the most season 4 wins with him. His twitch is el_bukanas18

  5. Idk why we dont like him.Pretty sure in ranked no one gets bamboozled by him tho mirage randoms I come across in pubs are good at the game generally.MIRAGE Need more love next season after the buff.Btw I'm not mirage main , I'm wraith main.

  6. One of my favourite things about his videos are how smooth is game is. I run 300+ ping most time so it's so satisfying to see a smooth game 😂

  7. Idk but I think if they can make the decoys revive that would be the buff that would make people paly him

  8. Mirage is not useless ur channel is this channel sucks btw I dont like fortnite I put this pic when fortnite came out

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