Playing With The Number 1 Apex Predator In Season 4! (Apex Legends PS4)

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  1. If u think about it all BR games are based on luck bc no one wins every game there will never be a #1 in any BR game

  2. Stay consistent & keep on uploading unique content & you'll grow quick on YouTube! i believe in you fam

  3. dude. im new-ish to your channels and have been watching a few of your videos. you make everything smooth and easy looking. and you always have a calm relaxed voiced. i feel if my settings arent the best setup. what do you have your game settings set as? im not the greatest player but it would be an honor to play a game with you if you ever felt like it. my psn name is
    keep up the amazing gameplay and keep frying.

  4. Apparently the French are better virtual fighters than in reality. Lmao🤣

  5. Shoots player for 25
    No one: hit him once on purple
    Kobi: hE's CrAcKeD, oH mY gOd I fRiEd HiM

  6. I swear to god your zip line has a farther range then mine when I try to use it

  7. Damn just hearing ppl call out and working as a team is so refreshing. Nowadays you cant get a team together. Well I cant

  8. sorry im new-ish but how are you able play ranked on worlds edge because i can only do kings canyon for ranked

  9. I love watching these videos especially when you get it with the wingman. I watch these before I start playing and they get me hype for the game. Thanks for these keep it up kobi

  10. dude imagine playing with the best PS4 apex ranked player and he compliments your game, holy fuck I'd cry dude

  11. The intro made me feel better cuz I was glad to know even pro’s can lose games all these games you see are wins

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