[PS3/1.26/1.27] BEST GTA 5 Mod Menu – LEXICON v1.0.0 + DOWNLOAD (GTA 5 MODS)


BEST mod menu for the newest update! (1.26 -1.27)
Just follow the steps on how to install below!
This an SPRX menu for DEX ON BLES!
Menu is NOT FREE!!!!
Purchase Below!

● NGU Thread:
● Direct Purchase Link:
● Lexicon Dashboard:…


  1. I bought this menu it works fine but when I try to join a friend it tells me that the person that I'm trying to join doesn't have the latest title is there a fix to that? Thanks.

  2. I want it so bad but it's not worth it from my perspective cause I already have a basic trainer!!

  3. I think you should make a video tutorial of how to download it and inject it so people don't mess up their console if they do it wrong — and I really want to know how you do it

  4. its funny all these little fuckers crying because you have to pay for the menu. It doesnt cost much! get a fucking job or do some chores around ya house for some pocket money instead of sitting on ya ass playing the game and begging for shit lmfao!

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