[PS3/1.26/1.27] GTA 5 Mod Menu – LEXICON v2.0.0 + DOWNLOAD (GTA 5 MODS)

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Thank you Kryptus for allowing me to make a pre-release video 🙂

BEST mod menu for the newest update! (1.26 -1.27)
Just follow the steps on how to install below!
This an SPRX menu for DEX ON BLES!
Menu is NOT FREE but is the BEST menu you are able to get for GTA 5! Well worth the purchase!
Purchase Below!

● Direct Purchase Link:…


  1. impiffhd i just bought this menu but i didnt get a lunk or download nothing was wondering if i showed you proof i bought it if you would send me the download

  2. i have ADD you on Skype Can you help me i have bey this mode menu whit i Can not use this menu

  3. It's just you who is giving money drop other just teleport us in water and kill us 😬

  4. does your box have to ha e anything special done to it like jtag it or jailbreak it please I need to know

  5. Im loving your tags lol.

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  6. Bro could u drop mea bit a cash I just. Got the game I'm only a50 something my name is swaYGordon

  7. Hey Piff can you give your skype please i have questions 🙂

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