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  1. Some black guy was telling me off when I said lets report this hacker on GTA online. Like really you don't want hackers to take over Microsoft or Sony do you ? It'll ruin the game for everybody! For me I like gaming I think gaming is very addicting but when you get hackers everything just turns upside down:/

  2. Remember when sony anounced that there is no more firmware bullshit like on ps3? Well this was the reason why everyone flipped out in joy. And sony knows this. PS3 didnt sell too well untill the point when it was hacked. Then it rocket launched the sales. So yeah, thats how it is kids. Sony needs the black market. Thats the only reason why the play station series was succesfull. Xbox is  just crap. Id rather buy a nintendo wii than a xfucks.

  3. Your scared ? Lol Im excited I can't wait to see what these other hackers can do ! I just got my ps4 a month ago and in the near future Im gonna install A 6TB Hard Drive, A Cooling Water System and I'm am gonna unlock the Administrator Access Tools to make my own updates to my console software, you want to know why ? Because im awesome thats why !

  4. I'm not against modding on consoles. I'm only against unfair people who take advantage of that.

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