PUBG 4x M416 RAPID FIRE Shooting Technique

PUBG 4x M416 RAPID FIRE Shooting Technique – a relatively new single tapping technique which gained popularity after the 1.0 patch. In this video we will go in depth with some live game examples, as well as some practice range comparisons later on.

Special thanks to Sansen ( for the Custom server access!

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  1. But shroud j9 did it in auto mode like in single mode, how to do like them?. When i try it, the outcome is sometime i fired 2 bullet 3 bullet, it make me miss the target.

  2. I wish you give us tips or sittings about pubg Mobile on PC!!!!

  3. How do you use rapid fire? I just bought pubg for pc, but i always need to spam my mouse for fast shooting…

  4. so how to rapid fire? u rapid tap the mouse? while lowering the aim?

  5. The camera shot of the mouse continually moving downward finally helped me understand this technique. Thank you! Question, why does this technique not work with other weapons? (Or does it?)

  6. use the vertical grip on the m4 if you're tap firing because when tap firing there is almost no horizontal recoil. Mostly vertical recoil. Horizontal recoil starts to show up after 2-3 bullet spray.

  7. pull down on your mouse to compensate for recoil, who would of thought???? Oh maybe anyone whos played a fps before!!!

  8. Did you mean that high sens players won't be able to spray more than 20 bullets cause you said low sens players.

  9. Been doing the same in BF3 for a few years now, it's really nice when you get a hang of it, almost no recoil.

  10. I’ve been trying to do this for ages now, I always run full auto but just can’t my head around tapping, no matter how fast I lift my finger off my mouse it still bursts in auto and it stuffs me up. I try single but always forget to flick it back on auto and get caught out in close fights, thanks for the tips.

  11. Thank you for this sprEEzy, I have been dying to these guys quite often now I can try, I even saw a guy use a scar with 8x scope on auto and 200m also we need more of this

  12. Wow just 2 player alive and you doing this kind of things,you are brave! ^^ XD

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