PUBG Aimbot Hacker Caught Red Handed with Magic Squad-Wipe Bullet Cheat on Console

Haven’t seen this type of hacking before, I suspect Radar by this Playstation 4 Player. His Gamertag is sky_dharma. Never understood what cheaters gain from playing like this.


  1. On the other hand, you're taking video games way too seriously. Like you don't even sound you're having fun at all

  2. More and more Cheaters are coming.this gives bad experience in online gaming.

  3. Once I hit someone 18 times and they didn’t die
    So I hit him a few times, and then they went back to cover, and then came out again, and I hit them again, and then they went to cover again, and they came out again, and he survived 18 hits. Even with like level 3 armor it’s not possible.

  4. That actually pisses me off .. I have never cheated …. it has taken me 2 years… listen to me ……. it has taken me two years …. just to be above “you suck” … lol

  5. They should be banned on their computers Mac address or IMEI number IP ban wouldn't be enough

  6. And just as I was about to buy PUBG for ps4.I was wondering are there cheaters on console.Thn for the video.Officialy done with PUBG.I tried everything.
    Playing from phone=cheaters.
    Playing from emulator pc =even more cheaters.
    PS4= I dont know how to call that…
    The people who made the game should not have that much "power" that they can just go around R2-ing people like it is pickink up a packet of cigarets.
    I even got myself a VN hax hack as a guest one time to try it….It's even worse,slow game lagging,hackers know that you are also a hacker so you are theit no.1 to kill up to that point that they squad up with enemy just to kill you first.
    Then you have spectating hacks that are almost unbanable.
    Even when I was playing with hack for a short experimental period of time i never EVER killed a guy without hack.If I spot an enemy in the forest and he is just sitting,watching,I would run away and leave him alone.But if I loot the house and run by the window and you full auto me from 300m with red dot…oh boy…its time for aimbot,macro,wh,speed bullet,speed run,no recoil.
    Still I have a solution to this problem.
    There should be a mod like paylode,where all cheating is allready in the mode for all people,so you can start a match and have all hacks just as other mf who gave 300$ for it.
    That would kill hacking,there will be no point.

  7. its not a hack, its the gaming chair he use and good gaming headset
    and pro controller

  8. Just had this guy punch me out of the sky while parachuting, along with four other players in solo. Reported…

  9. He didn't kill all by one bullet, you died one by one, it was just a pretty fast aimbot + no recoil + shooting through walls.

  10. i have an idea for someone is cheating, if someone got caught cheating their account on pubg and their steam account got banned aswell idk if this happen but i really want some cheater who spend hundreds of dollar even thousand of dollar on steam only to find out that their steam account got banned and they learn their lesson really hard ps4 actually did the same if you got caught cheating your ps4 account got banned

  11. A ip ban only works on static ip. If they have dynamic ip you can not ip ban them permanently. Their ip will change eventually or they could change it buy unplugging the router.

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