PUBG Cheater With X-Ray Vision AIMBOTS EVERYONE (Playerunknown's Battlegrounds)


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  1. Well….i played a quick match on pubg mobile but someone from 100m away just full auto me with all the bullets perfectly hitting me and my head,like he has aimbot on him.I do not really know if his gun just had low recoil or he got lucky with his shots,but in my opinion i am 90% sure he is hacking or cheating

  2. 8:30 I dont know why a lot of the cheaters are from China, maybe the culture over there is different…
    Legit observation xD

  3. I have to agree, the other day an helicopter was above the house 2 9f us was in and 1 player jumped out of the copter right through the roof with the parachute still open and landed in the room and knew where we were in the room and killed both of us, let me know if anyone has seen this done

  4. When you come across chinese cheaters, just chat tiananmen square massacre, winnie the pooh, free tibet, free hongkong, free taiwan. And they will be blocked by the firewall

  5. What i can say is, chances for encountering cheaters in PUBG are probably 9 out of 10 games. There is even more than 1 cheater in 1 games that i had encountered.

  6. Yesterday in Arcadre mode ,we had 2 cheaters, one in our team and one in opposite.Guess what our both cheaters could kill each other and our cheater was a little less noob then other.All our rest 3 teammates reported both.Now I think why dont they make a seperate lobby for cheaters only.So that the cheaters can have their own taste of what it feels like being cheated. Coz this banning thing is not really working.

  7. For those complaining why berate Chinese people

    If i represent a Race and each time you pass by me i slap you without any reason, the next guy from the same race does the same, the next guy same and this trend goes on for years and years with the same actions on and off. Its human nature to assume the next guy from the same race will do the same thing, its called predictive instinct SO STFU. Most of the hackers are Chinese.

    And lucky you people not getting to play in SEA servers ever since the region lock update but for us who are part of Asia we get to play with these assholes every single day. I must have got more than 20 permanent ban hits in just 3-4 months.

    PUBG should either give us some rewards because we are basically doing their job or come up with a better Anti Hack System. I didn't buy this game just to report hackers.

    FYI i am still a noob trying to control the recoil. But the Frustration is real.

  8. Dude they released pubg lite and its full of hackers even in a game you can find a whole team using hacks these cheater's just ruin the game

  9. I don't play pubg steam anymore because of these cheaters, so I went to pubg lite since when it was beta and we get fun on it but these days we found the cheaters in every game and they killing our fun again! 💔

  10. cheater fucknn nooby..
    when you playing a game and you know your noob in it just leave it and check for another game! don't fuck the fun in-game!

  11. yeah i hate those fckin china player.. they were like everywhere in sea server… they should play at their own server… seperate them from the rest of the world..

  12. It really takes away the fun if your cheating. Winning by cheating is not really winning.

  13. Bro the cheating scene is getting worst and worst…. cheater's don't even care if they are reported, and yes most of them are Asian. PUBG really don't care because every time they are Ban, the cheaters have to by a new account!! Money in the Bank

  14. Man he’s good I wana be this on moible I hope to be this good one day but I just started playing anyone can add me prettygirl1122

  15. not hacking and i bet he didn't get banned , at 5 mins 3 seconds he spots the guys helmet moving from the right to left and he takes a calculated guess where the last player is as there is no where else for him to go

  16. I'm an Asian player, always play on Asia server, and usually I see a lot of Chinese players with aimbot and non-recoil cheats roaming around the fucking map and sprayed everyone with M249s and win the match 20 minutes in (when there is only around 15 players left). If PUBG needs suggestions to deal with this problem, to NOT MAKING OTHER PLAYERS LEAVE THE GAME AND RUIN THE GAME'S REPUTATION, I suggest we put all of the cheaters inside a separate server system where there is no normal player and let them kill themselves, and not just banning their account. Banning usually doesn't help anything, since those cheaters mostly don't care about wasting money to buy more accounts to fuck others in this game, they just want you to suffer.

  17. Chinese people create cheaters

    Chinese people created wuhan and it evolved to covid
    I am not saying Chinese people are cheaters, but mostly in games, they are cheaters based on my experience.

  18. Cheating is not fun bro..same like in the real life acting look a like rich guy while you are just poor guy..

  19. Love the video and I'm glad you try to keep pubg clean by reporting these PS!.. I report one or two a week it seems like, they're so easy to spot.. Unfortunately I dont think they get banned as much as I report.. But it happens to me often.. I don't understand why they do it either, I guess they're to lazy to put in the time to get better, I just can't imagine celebrating a win where I cheated because I wasn't good enough to be playing.. lol

  20. no cheating is unacceptable in China it’s way to crowded in Asian servers because this game is popular in Asian country’s stilll

  21. but behind tht laugh, u shitting urself, easy man, just say hes a cheater n we can look through the video, no need to cry coz u died

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