PUBG Cheaters – How to Stop Cheats and Hacks in Battlegrounds (Ultimate Hacker Reporting System)

It’s time to step up the reporting system for PUBG cheaters. In this video, I explain the utlimate hacker reporting system to help stop in the crusade against cheating. I show how to stop cheats and hacks in battlegrounds. Hopefully bluehole sees this and will use it as a guide to stop the pubg cheaters and hackers.

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  1. I mean just look at pubg mobile that's where the big amount of cheaters are

  2. Easiest way to stop cheating is to raise the price of the game to 60$ a pop with no bulk discounts to internet cafe s in China. Also it's stupidly easy to monitor all new accounts being created and the reports towards those accounts need to be taken more seriously. The only people buying the game are those who have been banned at this point in time.

  3. Bluehole should bring out a patch that specifically searches in game for cheaters if a cheater shoots you and this patch detects this the damage gets nullified and their HP drops to 10% and cant go above that also decrease their movement speed every 5 min with half until the blue zone kills them off

  4. well this cheater problem had been problem long before PUBG even exist. and the same thing is being implement here like banning the player. i say this is not permanent solution. i say if this game gonna be serious in banning cheaters then ban their IP. once it banned then they can never sumbit new account again.
    the cheaters like this is getting bolder and bolder since there is no IP ban. they can recreate character and reach their same position in just one day. please man, this is like a criminal smacking the cops in their face. time to get more serious man. otherwise they will keep hacking and keep re-creating new char with cheat. i feel sorry for those serious players who want to play and experience the game even pays with their money.

  5. I think the ban you talked about for false reports is a little to harsh. I believe a BP cost or simply revoking a players ability to report people for cheating could be put in place instead.

  6. IP bans similar to overwatch for confirmed hackers would be phenomenal. Honestly just auto banning anyone with a kdr above a certain amount wouldn't be insane either. Seeing multiple top 10 spots on the leaderbord have people who've never died and won 40+ games with kdrs listed somehow above 100 is just ridiculous. Seeing them stay there for days at a time is even more absurd though. Blue hole really needs to take a long honest look and decide if they want to be like valve and csgo with it's grey market cosmetic economy and slap on the wrist hacker approach or something similar to Blizzard's lootboxes and ban system. My expectations have slowly changed to them just following valve (and the money) and doing the bare minimum and allowing this to continue in one way or another. My two cents

  7. Pubg kill cam is a joke. It is so inaccurate, non cheaters look like they are cheating. They have to fix their death cam first. It already takes them 4 times longer to implement shit anyways, so i dont see an end in sight

  8. ask to nvidia be able to record the kill cam and a direct link to upload cheaters (like when u upload normals vids to ur YT in 1 click using shadowplay).. would be good too. people are lazy

  9. I'm sorry to disagree with you on this, but I don't think this would be an efficient way to deal with the cheaters since every report would need to be manually reviewed in order to tell if it's a legitimate report or a spam report. Bluehole/PUBG wouldn't have the man power to do that effectively.

    Here are some of my thoughts on what can be done:

    1. Revamp their statistical analysis tool. They already have this in place, but it's clearly not aggressive enough. There are hacker accounts with 2+ days of play time and a 90+% win rate with nearly every shot being a headshot. These are statistics that are realistically impossible for a real player to achieve. Auto ban those accounts and review appeals instead of the current system of reviewing first and banning later.

    2. Instead of banning hackers, silently move them to servers with only other hackers. This falls into some shady dealings for PUBG, but they make money off of the hackers who are farming loot (which PUBG sees a percentage of every sale). Instead of banning a hacker and having them simply open up a new account, quietly force them onto a hackers only server. They'll still farm the loot, PUBG still gets their cut, and legitimate players encounter far fewer hackers.

    3. Region locking. Already been discussed at length, but probably one of the better options.

    4. Ping limiting. Already been discussed, but would need to be implemented along with region locking in order for either to be effective.

    5. Remove all loot from the Steam marketplace. This was more of an option during Early Access, not so much anymore. It would definitely reduce the hackers though.

  10. Great idea, this wil only work out nicely!
    Although everybody is pointing the cheater crisis on pubg, i know for sure im more team killed then killed by cheaters!
    And Isn't that also not a easy fix? always register the killers account and when he is classified as teammate only then give the option to report it, so they can ban the FUCKER directly.

  11. Nice idea bro.
    Add pls new "nvidia experience" alt+f3 pubg setting .

  12. sup bro i like your thoughts on catching cheating.just a thought why don't the devs run the hacks and try figure out how to detect em .and ave programmes in place to fight em cheaters🤔

  13. this is genus, i didnt think you would have thought of a way to prevent report spams, definately a great idea
    i tweeted your vid 😉

  14. The "strike" system is not a good idea because why would I ever report anyone if I think I am gonna get banned for being mistaken?

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