PUBG Cheaters trolled by fake cheat software

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I created a fake cheat software to take revenge on cheaters in PUBG. The fake cheat software was actually a trojan horse designed to punish any hackers that downloaded it. The fake cheat software started ejecting the hackers out of moving vehicles, preventing them from throwing cooked grenades & stopping them from being able to revive knocked teammates. The fake cheat software also uploaded the hackers…


  1. Horribly over edited. Has potential but you ruined it with all the meme clips and weird “cinematic” camera angles. And you obviously cheat yourself so why make the facade of busting cheaters. Your name is literally scriptkid

  2. All the salty low life’s who downloaded this cheating anti cheat disliked this video. Losers

  3. I have translated to simplified Chinese version @ScriptKid

  4. You sir are doing God's work and us gamers thank you. May KEK bless you with more hacker REEEEEEEEEEEEs

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