PUBG – Console – Cross Platform Play

Cross Platform Play is now available! Console Update 4.3 allows both our console players to be matched into the same matchmaking pool. The update also brings Survival Mastery, the DBS, and more!


  1. Looks good till you play then you find the crossplay is favorable to one side and not the other thanks for killing it for us on ps4

  2. I wish they would use a realistic representation of the grapgics in these videos. What console is this? Because i have the most powerful one the XB1X with an SSD. And it looks almost nothing like this, the game looks better than it did sure, but overall the game looks like a prolapse. These vids make it look better graphically than R6Seige or COD. Which aint true.

  3. When am I going to be able to see my Xbox friend in a lobby on PS4

  4. What about adding a feature where I can play duos with a ps4 or Xbox one player? Huh? Where's that

  5. Why dont they let us have the option to play with PC and let xbox players use kbm?

  6. Is pubg going to give us a refund now? The game sucks now due even more lag with a great connection.

  7. can we PC players get this cross platform me and my mate who plays Xbox were looking forward to playing

  8. Hey guys I have a question about that can I play from xbox one s in a team with my friend with smartphone android

  9. The video is completely inaccurate. Not those graphics. And fps is 20 . Console for older comsoles is bad because it was poorly coded. Blueball sold their souls to China a long time ago

  10. It would be awesome if they can make all the maps join in to one big map and one last survivor from each of their respective maps at last would be fighting for chicken dinner. Who like my idea. Hit thumbs up sign.

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