PUBG Hacker AIMBOTS EVERYONE and Gets Banned

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  1. The crazy thing is the people that buy these cheats are unknowingly putting viruses on their computers that steal personal information. Not worth it!

  2. there was a game witch i won because the idiot couldnt use his speedhack in the house – it was like the places changed so fast for him he couldnt follow. So i killed him and got his bush cloak..

  3. I heard that in China making and selling cheat software is a felony. In Russia illegally modifying any kind of commercial software or hardware too. But this doesn't stop those dumbass fucks. It's the same mentality as being addicted to bath salts and mugging people.

  4. I play alot of pubg. (almost 2000 hours so far). I get one or two people banned a week for cheating. It's pretty frustrating. It gets harder and harder to get wins because the player pool where im at (NA) is small and everyone just gets better and better. Nothing worse than having a banger of a game and getting killed by a dirty, low life, piece of shit, pathetic cheater. Whew…..I feel better now

  5. This guy: I'm average

    Also this guy: "Experienced gamers like me can spot a hacker instantly."

  6. Some sad this is in many games, people are either so stupid or so salty that they report you for cheating just for being too good.

  7. fucking cheaters. hate them so much and I get really happy when they get permanently banned. I wish there was a way to ban their IP address so they would never be able to play again

  8. Be great to know if aka duo has watched this video after 1 year!

  9. Spoiler alert…………cheating is still awful in pubg! Honestly came down to just uninstalling the game. Rest in pieces pubg🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  10. why do not PUBG fix the cheaters issue? these guys ruined the game. some time u want to do the same just to let the PUBG dev. team fix this shitt.

  11. i think if you got caught cheating on pc you should get banned on your steam account not the game just like ps4 if you got caught cheating or hacking your psn account will got banned i think steam should do the same i hate cheaters alot they ruin my experience from playing a game like pubg , rainbow six siege and more their steam account should get banned not their account from the game

  12. If i ever meet these hackers in real life, i swear im gonna slap them really hard and make them do chicken dance.
    They are a disgrace to our gaming society.
    Glad you are exposing these retards who doesn’t deserve to play games.

  13. I spend money 💰on this game …I play on iOS PUBG mobile…I believe iOS plays only with Other iOS players…it’s harder for these scum buckets to be able to cheat on iOS …I Absolutely won’t pay money on Android or window games it’s infested with these cheating want to be pro players ..Thank you for reporting garbage 🗑 love your upload

  14. Just for you to know – this guy is still playing PUBG. Developers have stopped giving permanent bans in game like a year ago and cheaters can easily come back and keep on ruining this game…

  15. You have to feel sorry for these sad, losers…. should be an initiative to round them up and pop them on a self esteem course to help them live fulfilling lives.

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