Me and some buddies were playing squad’s in PUBG, and forgot to take off auto matching, we get paired with a random player who turns out to be a hacker… and… well… kills everyone in the game by himself…


  1. Obviously it was a friend of urs and it's was all for a video and I'm pretty sure you knew who he was him kind blunt not to notice nice tho but cant fool me.

  2. "okay as soon as i get a sight on him I'm taking shots" Said when there is two players left in the game and obviously won't get a sight on him. These guys wanted the carry. They're probably worse players then the hacker. Should have one tapped him i
    n the head (no helmet) when he was outside of school when they first found him. Idiots!

  3. Why you didn't kill him? You used his hacks aswell so u guys are the same shit!

  4. next time tell your dumbass friends who kept saying "hes definitely hacking" the whole god damn video to STFU. No shit he's hacking, we get it. You don't need to repeat yourself 400 times

  5. Some of those hackers must be executed in public, then others get afraid to cheat in games. That is the only solution to keep video games clean.

  6. It's just a game. Everybody dies except the winner. You don't get angry, you simply start another match. That's the point of the game. Live, die, restart. Hackers can't hack everyone everywhere. Move on and quite griping, it's JUST A GAME.

  7. You should be banned aswell, because you went along with it. I would've reported him, then killed him.

  8. PC players when they get a teammate who plays console.

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