PUBG Lite 17 Kill 1 Man Squad | I Got Banned Again!

So I got banned again in PUBG Lite for getting a 17 kill chicken dinner. I just can’t help myself. It’s my goal to get banned.

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Croatian variety streamer, started streaming full-time late 2017. The stream is (mostly) family friendly. Gaming background:
Master’s degree, Computer Software Engineering @ FER, Zagreb.

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  1. Bro look at your hand your not even moving your hand while firing lol that gun should have strong recoil 😂🤣 If someone reported you as a cheater they going to review your game.. Shroud kills a lot but his account never banned 😂🤣 no recoil specially when you firing at the car 😂🤣

  2. Ja igram na solidnih 70fps-a, ponekad mi padne malo ali uglavnom je uvjek 50-80. Dali da smanjim rezoluciju na minimum kako bi dobilo jos nekih 5-10 fps-a

  3. my K/D is 12.63………and im not banned. if they ban u its because u use hacks idiot……..gitgud noob

  4. How did you do the driveby at 6:27? If i try to do a driveby by changing my seats, the car just stops.

  5. There is a thing called Teaming, probs are you got banned because of this dude reporting his teammates lol xD

  6. Eeeeee di si bratteeee, ja idem u srednju koncar elektrotehnička konavoska 2, ja cu isto na fer probat upast

  7. Who does know what are the graphics settings the sprezzy using ?

  8. Gets banned for using no recoil macros and scripts. Same reason he cant do shit like this in tournaments. He walks out of them with 1 kill average.

  9. Let me get your email I have a problem with PUBG and am trying to get everyone I can that got banned for no reason

  10. u know after finish watch ur video my computers got error issue brruh

    i mean my browser got error

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