PUBG Mobile blackscreen then crashes in start on IPAD Mini 2


  1. It started working for me on my iPad mini 2. If it crashes, open again and it should work.

  2. The exact same thing happened to me I’m on the first iPad mini can I get an answer plz

  3. Same problem. Not jailbreak. IOS 11.2.6. Will probably have to wait for an update from dev.

  4. I have an ipad air and an iphone 6. They both have the same RAM (1 RAM) It works on my iPhone 6 but not on my ipad air. You'd think it'd work on my iPad air instead of my iphone just because its bigger but either way they have the same amount of RAM. So i'm not sure why this is happening.

  5. It happens to me too. Fortnite isn’t even supported on my iPad mini 2 so I’m worried that PUBG isn’t either. Hopefully they release an update soon

  6. Mine does the same!!! And it says that the iPad mini 2 is supported so I don’t understand why it keeps doing it, it’s already bad enough I can’t play fortnite on my iPad so I’d have a bigger screen instead using my iPhone 7

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