PUBG MOBILE – Full Setup on PC plus Mouse and Keyboard!

In this video we get the NEW OFFICIAL PUBG MOBILE game fully setup for FREE on your PC! Why? Well why not… This way you can use your keyboard, mouse, have the best settings, play anywhere in the world and best of all… ITS FREE!

It has been released ONLY in China and region locked. It has added features such as Attack Helicopters, Gun Boats and Sea battles plus much more not included in the full game. Its so much better than I expected and in this video we do it all…


  1. but where is the game tho like im trying to inter it on my pc but i cant

  2. There is an English version on pubg on PlayStore. Thanks though, it an awesome emulator

  3. How to I get the PUBG Light Quantum thing im super stuck. I googled it an nothing popped up.
    Do I google it on my PC or the andriod search bar??

  4. Dislike, because u play with mobile not PC. Buy in steam in PC this game and go play. Hate PC players in PUBG MOBILE games. I hopes u haved ban in game

  5. If the Graphics Card or it’s driver does not support to run Nox. Please download and run this little tool we have developed: OpenGLChecker. If your OpenGL version < 2.0 you need to change your graphics card. If your OpenGL version ≥ 2.0 but still stuck at 99%, then you need to update your Graphics Card driver (Click on Graphics Rendering Mode – Compatible) @6:15.

  6. how can I change the location where the mouse cursor appears when I release it ? I want it in the middle of the screen because now it appears on the 1st weapon place so if I open the bag it will toss the weapon out.

  7. Something to note.. if you are unable to set up your system to use more than 1 CPU in nox, adjust VT Vitualisation settings in your BIOS for super duper smooth speedy optimal godlike performance. no need to thank me. cheers.

  8. Now you can just use Tencent's official PUBG mobile PC emulator called GamingBuddy. It works fine and the controls are the same as the PC version.

  9. I downloaded the emulator, and the game, but now when I open the game it is just showing some button mapping, it's not opening the game. Pls help.

  10. after that video im so hype to hello neighbor mobile my crap pc should play good games 🙂

  11. anyone can help me ?
    when i play , mouse movement is not smooth , it is like skipping sometimes
    anyone know the solution for this ?

  12. i have downloaded in mobile but i cant download in pc i want only download nox player and transfer file to pc … then i play on pc???

  13. this is shit…..just buy the pc version of pubg this is so unfair for all mobile players.

    u mad?

  14. It kicks me off from Nox player and says that i need to update my video card drivers. But I actually have the latest drivers.

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