PUBG Mobile glitch

Last man standing but the game says there are 25 people left.


  1. Explanation: Some bots don't spawn in. Meaning they take 25 spaces (in your case) while they aren't there. But the server assumes they're there. So as long as no one 'kills' the non existent bots, no one wins.

  2. It’s somehow that you get disconnected but are still in the “matrix” instantly unpopulated…

  3. This happened to me 3 times in GOLD 1 when I was on the race to top 100 I decided to stop playing for a few weeks to many hackers and glitchers when you get up to gold/plat

  4. Haha I played 4 matches and I downloaded the game from 1 day , yesterday my First match I mean , and this didn't happen for me 😂😂 , but I don't know why always I get 95 rating or more , you got 85 in top 3 I get 95 in top 7 and more , and all my matches was top 7 and more 2 times first and two times from 7 to 3

  5. Literally twice when I clutched and killed an entire squad ;-;

  6. This just happened to me right now. It said there was 5 alive. I did what you did and stood in the blue beam. I realised it must've been glitched so i went to youtube to see anyone else got the same problem and i saw your video. So technically you and i won our games we was the last man standing

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