PubG Mobile – Glued down Glitch?

Everything was going great until this happened…
Thanks for watching!


  1. It happens to me before. What i do i just hit prone. Crawl for a couple of second, and get back up, it should fix it.

  2. I think the music is kinda distracting, especially for a 30 min video!

  3. What is the easiest way to get gold on bullet force

  4. You cab change your graphics to realistic if you have good phone like (iphone x)

  5. This game is fire i like it plus its a beta its smooth nd u said it urself its gud looking games hope we get play soon

  6. Play it more often before it releases world wide and gets really competitive.

  7. Can You Add Me As A Friend In RULES OF SURVIVAL I Sent You A Friend Request My Name Is BestAssassin I Will Send You Another Friend Request I Really Want To Play With Someone That Is Really Good At The Game You Can Even Invite More Friends And We Can Play Squads

  8. Sorry to keep talking but u have a obsession with “getting that ass” bit aggressive the gays must love u

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