Pubg Mobile Hack 2018 – Battle points – No Root (iOS/Android)

Pubg Mobile Hack 2018 – Battle points – No Root (iOS/Android)

Hello and welcome! In this tutorial, I will show you how to get unlimited battle points in Pubg Mobile. The Pubg Mobile Hack that is shown in this video has been updated in 2018 and it works on all devices including iOS and Android. Luckily for you, it works without having to root or to jailbreak your device. Simply follow all the steps that I taken in this video and you will get to the top within 5 minutes.

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  1. Thanks for watching! If this worked for you, leave a like and subscribe! If it didn't, follow all the steps shown in this video. Sometimes the servers are overloaded, so make sure to try again. Post your username and I will do my best to help as many of you out as I can.

  2. Pubginator is working for pubg battle points, other stuff doesn't. How does Pubginator work? I have no idea. You can find it on Google if you would like to use it 😀

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