Wicked Gaming catches a Hacker in Pubg Mobile even after the Update 0.10.5 . Wall Hacks, Aimbot, Speed hack and Super Jump.
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  1. These wimps killed pubg for me… It was so much fun from a tactical stand point… But hey… The world has become super lazy and morals have been dedtroyed

  2. seeing this way to often a dude who is busy dealing with others me high up behind wall gun not pointing through just points in my direction and starts shooting at me through the wall Getting Really Depressing trying to play

  3. and now its more dead High Jumps Speed Hacks and NoRecoil shit

    This game is on PC Dead and now on MobilePhones fucking developers only thing in this game
    is crates and clothes money and nothing more

  4. I've got about 25 videos of hackers that killed me threw walls rocks and whatever else they can hide behind. Sad part is there is nothing you can do about it. You report them they get banned they create a new account and start again. If pubg forsnt figure out how to ban ip addresses and other ways to ban phones build numbers then it cant be stopped…

  5. Worst thing is that pubgm doesn't bearly anything to prevent this tbh

  6. I don't think it happens as much as everyone says it does… it's an excuse for a lot of sub par players to say a hacker killed em, but definitely as you climb the ranks & competition gets more difficult. There definitely are a crap ton of hackers. Probably from diamond & up. 🤔

  7. Ohoo…this is nothing 😂 there is a hacker in india who do live stream using hacks
    And selling those script to players
    (60$) per script..

  8. Has anyone found him on pubg mobile? I've searched his name but can't find him.

  9. Yesterday my buddy and I were killed on the bridge in erangel shot through the truck laying on the side, we couldn`t see him… kill cam would be great👍🏽

  10. It’s not a hacker everyone calm down it’s Athena gaming

  11. I mean I guess you need skill to be able to so OBVIOUSLY hack the game 🙃🤷🏻‍♀️

  12. But this ruins tournaments!!!! Just throw the whole tournament away!! Nothing in this should count. He literally ruined the fate of the whole game!!!

  13. Wow that player gives no fuks what so ever. Did everyone that got killed by him/her report ?

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