PUBG Mobile HDR + Extreme Graphics Option on OnePlus 7 Pro – 0.13.5 Update Gameplay Performance

The latest update to PUBG Mobile app has brought the possibility to play the game with the HDR graphics and Extreme frame rate. Check out how good the graphics are when we play PUBG Mobile on the OnePlus 7 Pro phone with the latest update.


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  1. Bro in some videos it's going to hdr and ultra only and in some videos it's going to hdr and extreme plz answer it confused

  2. Bhai but now it is only available smooth+ extreme
    Not HDR+EXTREME 😭😭😭😭😭

  3. After update HDR + extreme is not available in op7 pro? Only extreme support for smooth graphics. Any one else have the same issue?

  4. How to get the update in my 7 pro , still didn't get yet, looking with 1000 eyes

  5. Is now HDR and Extreme work?
    Bcz after update my op7 pro doesn't support HDR and extreme ,it stuck on HDR with ultra….💔

  6. Is the option removed from new update and changed into smooth + extreme only?

  7. I can tell u no one play on Hdr cuz it drains battery soo quickly.. i play only with Hd and produce great graphics cuz of its display.

  8. I have updated but i can't see HDR, Extreme option in my ipad 6th gen…

  9. No one need to play with hdr with extreme lol. I prefer smooth and extreme playing more.

  10. Bhai inn noobdo ke pass he itna accha phone kyun hota hai.. Mai redmi 4a me khelte hoon Phir bhi isse accha

  11. Meri didi ke pas ye phone hai…..par wo mereko kabhi nhi degi pubg ke liye……..kabhi kabhi sochta huki bade hone ke bad iphone 12 ya 13(aukat ke baha r par saving karke lunga) jo bhi hoga kharidunga aur usme pubg khelunga 😁😁😁

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