PUBG Mobile High Ping Ultimate Solution | How to Fix PUBG Mobile ping in Asia Server

Special Thanks to:-
* Kelvin Virani bro

Hello Dosto,
In this video, I have explain about how to fix High Ping issues in PUBG Mobile game. This method very helpful whether you can play any Multiplayer ya online games. This is a 100% Genuine way to reduce ping problems.

For all Download links and more details about DNS changes

The benefit of DNS Change
* Getting Ping Low
* Speed up your browsing…


  1. Hello mere mobileme 950 tak pojdahe ar pubg khelde samai achhyase nai chaldahe lag hota he ar. Enemyko marneleye gayato gumde samai slow hota he filik filik nai gumda bai massage garo

  2. dont use this method it will brick the latest released smartphones

  3. brother mere pubg me jabi my start kartahu tab higher ping please change your server aisa dekhata hai bro

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