PUBG Mobile – How To Decode And Edit The New Config File

With the new update, Tencent tried to prevent players from editing these files by encoding the settings. With this app, thanks to Warli, we’re able to decode and edit the file.

PUBG Config Converter:

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  1. if i could love u with all my heart or could give millions of dollars i would have subscribed and liked

  2. Hey bro where is the pubg mobile emotes file in data file how to find it

  3. Bro how can open .pak files for PUBG MOBILE from Shadowtracker ?

  4. Bro to. Get configuration value we have to enter? Just like you from 1.0 to 2.0. there are so many values I know I have tried alot to make new config file but values are not true so help me out to get working values for config!!

  5. He y bro…
    I want to change quick chat to my local language . I want to decode ACTICE.SAV file. Willl you help me…?

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