PUBG Mobile How To Move Faster (Escape from your enemies)!

PUBG Mobile How To Move Faster (Escape from your enemies)!


#PUBG #PUBGMobile #Ibe

Editor: Inshot, iMovie, Adobe
Screen Recorder: IOS 11 Screen Rec.
Device: iPhone 7
Game: PUBG Mobile
PUBG Ingame name: NotIbe

**PUBGM Settings**
Crosshair: Green
AA and HealingP.: Enabled…


  1. Im at a supermarket and this vid came out and I got caught fapping by security…..

  2. So u are not showing us but just telling us from a voice tf is this why are u doing this if u can’t record while u doing it this was a waste of time

  3. Omg, I’m sorry but I realized I hadn’t heard what you were talking about but was watching your game play mostly and your Yelp…😅

  4. Hello… I am trying to improve my game but i feel like i dont have proper control over the game…. !!! Would u please give me any suggestions… I honestly dont know what exactly is the problem and what should i be changing or practicing

  5. Thxs for all the tips bro u the best and I wish u more✌️✌️✌️

  6. you're wrong. you get the best move with little joy (80/100), so if you don't know what you're recording, don't record like the rest of those muslim

  7. Show settings on how you have little to no recoil, and not on the radar.

  8. Honestly, your team mate sucks.. If they were my team i would kick them out to thy kingdom come.. Stupid dumbass..

  9. Set your joystick to minimum % transparency and size. It's going to be the exact same but you're going to have so much more screen space. Trust me

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