PUBG Mobile How To Snipe Like PRO? (QuickScopes)!

PUBG Mobile just added this feature and like Meh I can’t say much about it ofc I LOVE PUBG MOBILE and always will just this feature might change the way …


  1. You have some really stupid ideas. Thinking the release feature should be removed? Dumb. Youre a good sniper. Stick to that.

  2. High sensi for sniping. Are you fucking kidding me? Firstly,you are a noob. Killing botsin gameplay.

  3. Dude, you are not that good. I suggest you to play on Asia server to find your real place.

  4. Ibe bro I like your game play bro can you help me please support me my friend
    I am make a new pub g video cahnnel please support me go on my channel please bro support Me not support any human but I try suscesful on YouTube try try try Bro please support me
    Please give me replay
    Yes ya na🙏🙏😣😣

  5. I didn't like your attitude. But video is good. You are not the best. Enemies are like bot. So you could kill them very easily. Don't just be overconfident

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