PUBG MOBILE – New Feature – Brothers in Arms

Want to share the glory with friends? With Brothers in Arms you can help train and teach newer players how to crush the opposition all while earning rewards! Take mentorship to the next level starting on March 3rd!

Download PUBG MOBILE now for iOS and Android:


  1. Why don't i have that "brothers in arms" option, Instead i have "community"

  2. Enable squad entry in practice arena so we can teach each other about stuff, tips, tricks and tactics. Please……. This is awesome and unique.

  3. I'm diamond tire looking for Teammates who won't die within 1 second of landing down and Spamming help over and over again

  4. Hello there are common mistakes in the bubji game. i hope that it will be resolved like the josian shipping. i do not have the money until i ship the second thing like clothes. when i open boxes, something is not beautiful. i am fed up with this thing. we hope that a problem will be solved.

  5. I am using emulator when i click brothers in arms its says like ''System is not available yet''
    why is that?

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