PUBG MOBILE NEW UPDATE 0.14.0 : TOP 6 FEATURES – New Character System, New Zombie Infection mode!

PUBG MOBILE NEW UPDATE 0.14.0 : TOP 6 FEATURES – New Character System, New Infection mode & MORE!!


What’s New in 0.14.0 update :

Patch notes :

New Features

1. New Infection mode and map. Play as Zombies!

2. New character system – unlock more appearances and skills!

3. Pirate main menu theme, and the million-dollar Global Treasure Hunt!

4. Royale Pass Season 8 with popular items restocked!

Important Updates

1. Infection mode



  1. They're constantly adding so much new content and stupid outfits and NEVER FIXING BUGS FROM A YEAR AGO, hackers and in game bugs that allow others to exploit flaws shooting threw wall and DOZENS OTHERS (near hacking status) and companion animals blowing kisses short shorts and tube tops if I wanted to play like I was 12 I'd play fortnight it's a fighting shooting war game not a fashion Sims game! YOUD THINK AFTER OVER A YEAR OF THE SAME COMPLAINTS THOSE DEAF DEVELOPERS WOULD ACTUALLY DO THERE JOB!!!!¡Did I frickin mention DESYNC WELL DESYNC DESYNC DESYNC DESYNC DESYNC GODS DAMMIT!!!!!!!

  2. Imma do you once mine updates make sure to sub me and hit that bell notification

  3. Did anyone update and get pixelated graphics? I’ve tried to fix it but I can’t uninstall since I don’t have WiFi… also it did take a long time to upload. I have an iPhone 6s

  4. Pubgmobile: we have future skins now!!!

    Pubg pc: i thought we were friends

    Pubg m has future lobby

    Pubg pc have normal lobby
    Idk if im right

  5. this game is full destroyed by cheaters.. Syrian Arabs Russian Turks every country almost at cheating dead game

    10 rounds played 4-5 rounde secound place because cheaters in end round no anti cheat nothing its broke.. played the new version 0.14 almost hacker in the game first try and see the result self 😀 hahaha


  6. Soo! Apparently with the new update crew menu/tab has gone!? Or is it hidden somewhere??? 🐸

  7. After update resources pack download error and maps downloading error I'm getting.
    Can any 1 help .
    Thank you.

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