PUBG Mobile on iPhone 11 Pro Max Gaming Test (Midnight Green)

PUBG Mobile on iPhone 11 Pro Max Gaming Test (HDR-Graphics)

Unboxing iPhone 11 Pro Max Midnight Green and Test Game PUBG Mobile

►► Total Size: 2.74GB

► Android:
► APK:

► IOS:

► Malware Channel:

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  1. تمنيت شوف لاق ل 0000.0000.1 من الثانية 🙂💔
    بس ما شفت💔🙂

  2. Why every noobs are fucking lucky then pro gamers

    Sorry bro i'm not about you GAMING MOBILE!

  3. Your phone is clone
    Because 11 pro max supported extreme frame rate in hdr graphics

  4. iphone xs max has hdr with extreme graphics but why 11 pro max doesn't has this graphics

  5. Iphone 11 pro max me hdr extreme chalta hai tu konsa nakli iphone le aaya

  6. If you’re calling him a noob out of jealously for the phone, you better take a good look in the mirror and reevaluate your priorities. Get off your lazy stupid ass and get a job, buy this fucking phone, then maybe you can talk shit.

  7. I hope i have an iphone so that i could enjoy playing this kind of games 😥

  8. Iphone xs max supports extreme with HDR. Iphone xs max is better then iphone 11 pro max

  9. Does the phone overheat during let's say a 30 minutes gaming session?

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