PUBG Mobile On – IPhone Xs Max | Graphics Style Comparison!

Hello Guys. here is the first Gameplay video recorded on my new device which is “iphone Xs Max”. As shown in the video i was testing the performance on the highest frame rate and graphics.


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Device: iPhone Xs Max
My Headset: Turtle Beach Recon 60P
Screen recorder: IOS Recorder


  1. So i Got a New device finally “IPhone Xs Max, Here is the Perfomance on PUBG Mobile 🙂

    I Think i Personally Like Colorful Graphics More. Which Style do You Like ?

  2. Goodbye iPhone 6s Plus 👋 and welcome iPhone XS Max LoL 😝

  3. You will not understand the difference until you play on a lower quality phone. I play on xs max and when i played on my cousins 6plus i died the moment i landed. It was laggy

  4. Is there a way to adjust my screen edges? I have the home button replacement notch thingy at the bottom of the screen and it covers part of my options, like my clan and stuff at the home screen in game

  5. 0:37 "I'm not sure if Pubg is optimized for the iPhone X,Xs and Xr
    dude even Fortnite runs on an iPod touch

  6. 😢😭 i wanted so bad. Whether its big or what! 😭😭😭. Give away never ?😢😭. I Poor Gamer. See my Videos On Pubg…
    And Izzo Keep It Up!. Soon I Will buy by my saving like 1$ 😓😢. And become next izzooooooooo

  7. I have the IPhone 8+ and it looks and runs pretty much the same. What I don’t like is the battery drain when I set the graphics high. I just leave the graphics on HD and the fps on High.

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