PUBG Mobile on Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Gaming Test (HDR-Graphics)

PUBG Mobile on Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Gaming Test (HDR-Graphics)

Unboxing Samsung Galaxy Note10+ and Test Game PUBG Mobile

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  1. My s10 plus has extreme option even in hdr its more smoother than note 10 plus . Note 10 plus have only extreme option in smooth . Exteme means high fps

  2. Lol exynos 😂😂😂😂😂bruh wtf 40fps even is not stable if you want to buy some samsung Galaxy go with sdm version or never buy exynos version

  3. Samsung should remove every phone that the exynos chip. All exynos Samsung phone can't put on HDR + extreme. But Snapdragon can

  4. haha. 11 pro max can rhn extreme fps. dont compare. fool phone bcz i already try samsung

  5. Can anyone tell me why samsung dosn't have hdr and extreme ?

  6. There is something wrong with pubg in note 10 now check the graphics its not smooth the way it should be… before

  7. I need your wallpler really!!! Could you send me link for download ? 🙂 PLEASE

  8. i find note 10 a beautiful phone.. and note 10 plus is also a good one.. but i wonder what it's like playing pubg in s20 ultra ☻☻

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