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  1. Don't worry, this is now fixed, the way he did it is called "stacking", pick up an extended quickdraw, drop it, pick up a quickdraw, and pick up the extended quickdraw again, you need to repeat it. But it is now pointless because it got fixed, if that didn't got fixed, over like 100 people on one game would already be using this glitch

  2. Oh man you r honest man , done a good job to not reveal glitch hats off to you bro… Bhai BhAi
    Love From Pakistan💞💞💞💞👉❤

  3. You all youtubers are kinda idiots. The more you show these types of videos, the more people will try it.

  4. basically you need to remove the weapon take extended mag throw it do it again and its done everyone knows it now and everyone is doing it

  5. You idiot if tencent has seen this video how they will fix it because your not shwoing it

  6. Hahahaha this literally just Happened to me today and I didn't know how I did it 😂😂😂

  7. I know how to do it but the game will only let you do it less than 10X before it catches on and doesn't let you do it anymore it's really simple there's already a video that teaches ppl how to do it on YouTube.

  8. There is a channel who teach this everything I have learned from that how to ran speed and this trick

  9. Guys please don't ruin the game… I know a majority of people here know how to do it but please don't give any idea to try to look smart…..Please I saw many comments telling about Mag to do it… I've already reported this and hopefully we get this fix in the next global update…

  10. Materials need.
    3x quick mag(blue) and 1x extended quick mag(black) and this items like pistos smg sniper rifle.
    Step 1.
    Put your back gun on your back.
    Step 2.
    Pick/loot a quick mag blue
    Step 3.
    Pick/loot quick mag black.
    Step 4.
    Test the reload u can also do it 3x
    Drag the quick mag on the gun and drop the EQ and loot and again just do it 3x no more duration time on reloading enjoy.

  11. I can blow a car using this glitch and also can kill 2 squad on this sht

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